Wednesday, August 29

It's Been Awhile

indeed it's been awhile. my office internet is finally up and running, permanently.

unfortunately, i cannot reveal what has been going on in my life at the moment for the past few months. perhaps, in time, i might be able to tell all but with care.

all i can say is that i am still alive and well. my office has relocated. i'm in the midst of scouting around. i am waiting for a call from a certain financial institution for an oppurtunity. i'm keeping my fingers crossed (and everything crossable) for all to go well ASAP. my other half have been very supportive. my friends and family are very worried. i'm not allowed to reveal anything because of confidentiality. everything is in a mess at the moment, career wise. until i can move on, there's nothing more i can update for now.

thank you all, for your care. i appreciate it even though i have kinda secluded everyone in my life, except my colleagues and my other half. i shall be able to lead a normal life soon (i hope). i will be in contact with human beings then. until that time comes, i have to stay solicitous.

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